Manipulating The Game Rank By Using Cod Boosting


Players often spawn into the same lobbies in modes like Free-for-All and kill each other for free headshots, knife kills, explosive kills, or other targets they are trying to achieve. This may also be performed to hold some expensive items that are not found easily during normal gameplay. The game board and rules have clearly stated that boosting was a bannable offense in the past. First-time offenders may receive a temporary ban, but those found to be boosting multiple times can be permanently banned.

The cod boosting is considered an unethical practice in terms of fair gameplay, but many websites provide boosting for a minimal payment. Although boosting may seem immoral at an individual level, not all players can spend numerous hours trying to earn a better rank. Some people want to gain access to better and advanced levels, but they are stuck on the same levels due to a lack of some items or products, which makes them lose interest in the game. Many people turn to boost to avoid these situations, which is not as bad as it may seem.

Other forms of boosting

Another popular form of boosting is when players pay a service to allow access to their account and let another player play the game for them. This can also be against the terms of service, so it is advised to the players to think carefully before indulging in such methods. When you give access to your account to anyone else, there is a high-risk probability that the other person may steal your account or any other personal information, which may also be used against you in the future. COD boosting services offer the player to get the best ranks, weapons, and equipment to provide them with an edge in both Multiplayer and Campaigns.

Another related term when cod boosting is “reverse boosting,” especially in conversations about skill-based matchmaking. Reverse boosting is when players purposely play poorly to lower their skill rating, so they get matched in lobbies with worse players. This helps them to bring out their skills on a battlefield where all the other players are most likely to be poor in terms of skills. This way, they earn easy wins, achieve all-kills more easily, and rank up from thereon. Though all kinds of boosting are frowned upon and may result in banning from the games, many players use such methods to achieve a better game rank and gameplay.